jQuery Slug Plugin

I’ve had a snippet of jQuery and javascript kicking around for a while, that I have found handy in the past for generating post slugs. Finally I’ve packaged it as a plugin to share: jQuery Slug Plugin.

This is my first jQuery plugin, so it doesn’t follow the more advanced plugin development pattern by Mike Alsup, instead I followed a more rudimentary plugin authoring tutorial.

Here’s an explanation of the plugin, and examples of its usage.


  1. Karl says:

    That’s a nice little plugin you’re putting together.

    One way you might be able to avoid the hyphens piling up when spaces are repeated is to modify the regex slightly:

    var slugcontent_hyphens = slugcontent.replace(/\s+/g,'-');

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Perry says:

    Thanks for the improved regex, Karl! I’ll add that and a few other improvements to the next release.

  3. veena says:

    I take your jquery plugin and combined it with urlify function from Django (BSD Licence) framework generated admin. You can take it and improve. Here it is:

    Comments for your todo:
    Ajax should stay away from this plugin, I think. For that you can use:

  4. BandonRandon says:

    Thanks for this plugin it saved me a lot of time messing with regex and such. I know this is almost a year old now but I would like to contribute one suggestion. I added the “trim()” function to the slug content before adding the hyphens this prevents extra hyphens if spaces are left at the beginning or end of the title.

    var slugcontent = $this.val();
    var slugcontent_trim = jQuery.trim(slugcontent);
    var slugcontent_hyphens = slugcontent_trim.replace(/\s+/g,’-’);



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