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Imogen Heap is not Genesee Keevil

There’s kind of a funny story to go along with this video, and one that I should tell before I forget all about it. On August 31st, the lady and myself were back in my hometown of Burk’s Falls, Ontario for an intimate Hawksley Workman show in the Towne Theatre, which seats about 150.

While we were waiting for the show to start, a very tall and distinctively dressed woman, with a particular, familiar hairstyle walked down the aisle past us, and set down a few rows ahead of us. I thought “that has to be Genesee!” (my friend and an ex-bassist of my ex-band). It wasn’t completely outside the realm of possibility that she would be back from Whitehorse visiting her family who live in the area. Since this would be the first time I had seen her in a few years , I was excited about this and tried to stage-whisper her name to try and get her attention. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I started to feel like I was making a scene and I would either have to try again later, or find her after the show.

The show, by the way, was excellent. It was my first time seeing Hawksley with a full band, and the set list was a great cross-section of his catalogue. I was especially happy that he played “Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off On Me,” but the video of that didn’t turn out (too much bouncing to good music). At around the halfway point, he announced that he would like to invite a special guest on stage to help out with a song. Surprisingly, the woman I thought was Genesee stood and took to the stage… It turns out that I was wrong, and as much as I thought they looked alike in a dark theatre, Imogen Heap is not Genesee Keevil.